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Interno 1

innovazione al primo piano

04 may
Reopening of the construction site
11 may
Connection of systems and lighting
01 jun
Installation work starts
29 jun
Multimedia installation
06 jul
Furniture outfitting
13 jul
Fabric fitting
27 jul
Signage installation
24 aug
Test of the multimedia system
07 sep
Tuning Content
14 sep
100% Work in progress

Saturday 31 October





A source of information in the large retail sector and in the supply chain market.

A new way of developing innovative business models together with companies. 

Workshops, meeting, discussions, exchanges and networking. 

Interno 1 is the innovation and research space of GS1 Italy.

Interno 1 is an adaptable space in constant transformation.

A reference point for companies on the national level and overlooking the city of Milan.

A place to spread knowledge of GS1 standards and make them accessible to all.

A guide to facing the challenges and transformations of contemporary commerce.

A source of inspiration and a guide for companies moving towards digital transformation.

A place to discover the tools for the development of innovative and contemporary cutting-edge business processes.