About us

About us

L’innovazione al primo piano 

Interno 1 is the space for innovation, research and development of GS1 Italy.  

In the heart of Milan, a place dedicated to information, training and experimentation.

The objective

Spread knowledge of GS1 standards

Interno 1 is the physical and digital manifestation of the values of GS1 Italy, the reference point in Italy of the GS1 global network that is active in 114 countries around the world. We promote the exchange and development of innovative projects with national and international partners. A network where values, experiences and goals are shared.


The mission

Generate value through dialogue and discussion

We want to create new connections and relationships with the protagonists of the most dynamic scenarios on a national and international scale.Experience the most innovative systems and share them with our partners and users.

Inspiring companies and people through innovation, supporting them with digital transformation and supporting their processes with a dedicated service.  


Interno 1 is a window 

on international business and a frontier for innovation. A place to make this know-how easily accessible.

Interno 1 is a venue 

that is constantly changing, an interplay of daily events that intersect with contemporary trends.  

Interno 1 is a guide

to facing the challenges and transformations of contemporary commerce. A new way of developing business models, together.

About us

We deal with barcodes. And much more
We are a non-profit organisation that brings together 35 thousand companies in all the key sectors of contemporary commerce.

We offer a global language to bring efficiency and visibility in relations between businesses, institutions and consumers, promoting digitalisation and sustainability along the entire supply chain.

Find out more at gs1it.org


Discover the Interno 1

pathways for companies.



A guide to digital transformation processes and dedicated support for supply chain processes.

Discover the Interno 1 pathways for companies.